Timber Frame Homes in Telluride, Colorado

A unique feature of Telluride is the opportunity to own a timber frame home. Within a 45 minute drive, San Juan Timberwrights, a timber frame construction company, established itself and has custom-built, timber frame homes for Telluride, Colorado and surrounding cities since 1986.

San Juan Timberwrights’ ability to deliver a special combination of creativity, technical knowledge and hands on experience for 25 years has been the ultimate explanation for success. Numerous activities leave visitors coming back for more each year, but the immaculate timber frame homes in Telluride transforms their perception of taking a vacation in to living a vacation.

Originally a spring and summer camping spot for Ute Indians with prime hunting grounds and access to fresh water, Telluride, CO didn’t become a town until 1878 as miners moved in. Just over 10 years later, the railroad was established and the town flourished.

In 1891, just outside of Telluride, the world’s first alternating current power plant was created and in 1964, the town became a national historic landmark. In 1970, the town was reinvented when the Telluride Ski Resort opened.

Telluride, CO is an 8 x 12 block town with the nearest stoplight being almost 45 minutes away and not a chain restaurant or shop in sight. Visitors experience some of the summer and winter activities while timing it for one of the many festivals; however, residents live and breathe the exciting summer action, fun winter flurries and the plethora of festivals year round.

Things To Do in Telluride, Colorado:

Film Festival
Jazz Celebration
Bluegrass Festival
Blues and Brews
Mushroom Festival
Wine Festival

Summer Activities
Water Skiing
Telluride Ski Resort
Fly Fishing
Horseback riding

Winter Fun
Skiing and Sledding
Dog Sledding
Glider Riders
Helicopter rides
Ice Climbing
Snow Shoeing

Along with countless daily activities, one of the most unique things to do is to ride the free gondola. There are three primary stations from Telluride to Mountain Village and is free by the support of the community. Electricity powers the gondola; going a speed of 11 mph and it only takes 13 minutes to get from one end to the other.